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new Absinth

It´s the weekend in late July 2018 when Zane visits the US California Redwoods only to disappear without a trace shortly after arrival. Two days later, the local Police Department locates Zane on the main road near the Redwoods after receiving an anonymous tip...

soon evilVR
The Evil VR

August 25th, 1967. Jessica Müller never found out what happened to her family in Germany when she was a child. She became an orphan very young and has been adopted by an american family which turned back to the US in 1955. Jessica was to that time 11 years old...

soon 100p Merge
100% Merged

For the Thinkers! 100% Merged is a math puzzle game to keep your grey brain cells active. Have a chellenge with your friends to see who´s the best Thinker.

Absinth Reviews

Gamers all arround the world shared their opinion and feedback to Absinth. After few months we´re really happy to say that most players love & support Absinth.